Man pages for wasim
Visualisation and analysis of output files of the hydrological model WASIM

assemble.dateInternal function used in read.dates to convert the date...
biasCalculate objective functions between two vectors
color.factorCreate colors with intensity according to the magnitude of a...
convert_q_unitsConvert discharge units
data.typesTypes of data in wasim output files and the files prefix
diff_diffCount time steps with wrong direction in dynamics
example.peaksSynthetic peak errors
extract_wasim_paramsExtract Parameters from WaSiM-Control-File
f.scoreCalculate objective functions for sensitive parts of a time...
highlightHighlight an area in a plot
k_hydHydrological recession constant
line_sumrainDraw line of cumulative rainfall
max_rel_diffCalculate the maximum ration of the derivatives of two time...
models_dawsonSynthetic peak errors from Dawson 2007
myRead.tableRead a wasim result file into a table with given length
p.gridRead and plot a grid-file output by WaSiM
p.storagePlot flow components / storage fillage / balance (integrals)...
rerangeLinear transformation of data
spanCalculate the span/range of a time series
wasim-packageVisualisation and analysis of output files of the...
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