Man pages for waterData
Retrieval, Analysis, and Anomaly Calculation of Daily Hydrologic Time Series Data

badDataSetHydrologic dataset with provisional and negative data.
cleanUpCleans up hydrologic time series data
compAnomCalculates anomalies
fillMissFill-in missing hydrological values
importDVsImports daily USGS hydrologic times series data
misQ05054000Daily mean streamflow with missing values
pH05082500Hydrologic dataset with provisional and negative data.
plotAnomsPlots streamflow anomalies
plotParamPlot Streamflow and Continous Water-Quality Data
q05054000LTLong-term hydrologic dataset.
siteInfoRetrieve site information
summaryStatsCalculate summary statistics
tellMeSiteURLUSGS Site Information Service URL
tellMeURLUSGS Daily Values Site Service URL
waterData-packageHydrologic Data Retrieval and Analysis and Anomaly...
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