q05054000LT: Long-term hydrologic dataset.

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Daily mean streamflow for the Red River of the North at Fargo, North Dakota, streamgage 0504000, from October 1, 1949, to September 30, 2010.




A dataframe containing 22,280 observations of daily mean streamflow. There are four variables shown in the following table.

Name Type Description
staid factor USGS Station identification number
val numeric Daily mean streamflow
dates Date Date of daily mean
qualcode factor Qualification code


Streamflow data for U.S. Geological Survey streamgage 05054000, Red River of the North at Fargo, North Dakota, are provided for the vignette. The vignette provides the code (commented out) to import the data from the USGS, but such a large retrieval can timeout, so the data are provided with the package.


Imported from the USGS Daily Values Site Web Service http://waterservices.usgs.gov/rest/DV-Service.html (U.S. Geological Survey, 2014) using the function importDVs.


U.S. Geological Survey, 2014, National Water Information System (NWISWeb): U.S. Geological Survey database, accessed November 18, 2014, at http://waterservices.usgs.gov/.

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