weatherData: Get Weather Data from the Web

Functions that help in fetching weather data from websites. Given a location and a date range, these functions help fetch weather data (temperature, pressure etc.) for any weather related analysis.

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AuthorRam Narasimhan
Date of publication2014-06-24 17:17:14
MaintainerRam Narasimhan <>

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checkDataAvailability Man page
checkDataAvailabilityForDateRange Man page
checkSummarizedDataAvailability Man page
getCurrentTemperature Man page
getDetailedWeather Man page
getStationCode Man page
getSummarizedWeather Man page
getWeatherForDate Man page
getWeatherForYear Man page
IntlWxStations Man page
London2013 Man page
Mumbai2013 Man page
NewYork2013 Man page
SFO2012 Man page
SFO2013 Man page
SFO2013Summarized Man page
showAvailableColumns Man page
USAirportWeatherStations Man page
weatherData Man page
weatherData-package Man page

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