Man pages for webmockr
Stubbing and Setting Expectations on 'HTTP' Requests

build_crul_requestBuild a crul request
build_crul_responseBuild a crul response
build_httr_requestBuild a httr request
build_httr_responseBuild a httr response
CrulAdaptercrul library adapter
enableEnable or disable webmockr
HashCounterhash with counter, to store requests, and count each time it...
HttpLibAdapaterRegistryhttp lib adapter registry
HttrAdapterhttr library adapter
httr_mockTurn on httr mocking
pipePipe operator
remove_request_stubRemove a request stub
RequestPatternRequestPattern class
request_registryList requests in the request registry
RequestRegistryRequest registry
RequestSignatureGeneral purpose request signature builder
ResponseResponse class
StubbedRequestStubbedRequest class
stub_registryList stubs in the stub registry
StubRegistryStub registry
stub_registry_clearClear the stub registry
stub_requestStub an http request
to_raiseSet raise error condition
to_returnExpectation for what's returned from a stubbed request
to_timeoutSet timeout as an expected return on a match
webmockr_configurewebmockr configuration
webmockr_crul_fetchexecute a curl request
webmockr-defunctDefunct functions in webmockr
webmockr_disable-defunctThis function is defunct.
webmockr_enable-defunctThis function is defunct.
webmockr-packageStubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests
wi_thSet additional parts of a stubbed request
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