weightTAPSPACK: Weight TAPS Data

The weightTAPSPACK subsets The American Panel Survey (TAPS) data by outcome and covariates, models the attrition rates, imputes data for attrited individuals, and finds weights for analysis.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorDavid G. Carlson, Michelle Torres, and Taeyong Park
Date of publication2015-09-26 09:09:00
MaintainerDavid G. Carlson <carlson.david@wustl.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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attritTAPS Man page
attritTAPS,ANY-method Man page
dd Man page
getattrit Man page
getattrit,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
getdf Man page
getdf,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
getstats Man page
getstats,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
hotdeckImp Man page
hotdeckImp,ANY-method Man page
initialize,weightTAPS-method Man page
multipleImp Man page
multipleImp,ANY-method Man page
plot,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
pop.margins Man page
print,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
show,weightTAPSoutput-method Man page
simpleWeight Man page
simpleWeight,ANY-method Man page
subsetTAPS Man page
subsetTAPS,ANY-method Man page
TAPScum Man page
TAPSimputeddemographics Man page
variablesTAPS Man page
variablesTAPS,ANY-method Man page
wavesTAPS Man page
wavesTAPS,ANY-method Man page
weightTAPS Man page
weightTAPS,ANY-method Man page
weightTAPSoutput Man page
weightTAPSoutput-class Man page
weightTAPSPACK Man page
weightTAPSPACK-package Man page

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