context("Extra tests")

test_that("names with . work",{
  a.test <- 'World'
  template <- template <- "Hello {{a.test}}!"
  expect_equal( whisker.render(template, list(a.test = a.test), strict=FALSE)
              , "Hello World!"

test_that("referencing with $ works",{
  a <- list(test = 'World')
  template <- template <- "Hello {{a$test}}!"
  expect_equal( whisker.render(template, list(a=a), strict=FALSE)
                , "Hello World!"

context("Github test")

test_that("newlines consistency",{
  template <- 
var is true
var is not true

  expect_equal("var is true\n",whisker.render(template, list(var=TRUE)))
  expect_equal("var is not true\n",whisker.render(template, list(var=FALSE)))

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