Man pages for widals
Weighting by Inverse Distance with Adaptive Least Squares for Massive Space-Time Data

applystnd.HsStandardize Spacial Covariates with Existing Object
applystnd.Hst.lsStandardize Space-Time Covariates with Existing Object
create.rm.ndx.lsCross-Validation Indices
crispifyObservation-Space Stochastic Correction
distanceSpacial Distance
dlog.normLocal Search Function
fun.loadStochastic Search Helper Functions
fuse.Hst.lsMerge Contemporaneous Space-Time Covariates
H.als.bAdaptive Least Squares
Hals.fastcv.snowALS Spacial Cross-Validation
Hals.sesEffective Standard Errors
Hals.snowFit ALS
H.Earth.solarSolar Radiation
Hst.sumupCreate Covariance Matrix Observations into Space-Time Covariates Observations into Space-Time Covariates
MSS.snowMetaheuristic Stochastic Search
O3California Ozone
rm.cols.Hst.lsRemove Space-Time Covariates from Model
stnd.HsStandardize Spacial Covariates
stnd.Hst.lsStandardize Space-Time Covariates
stnd.HtStandardize Temporal Covariates
subsetsites.Hst.lsSite-Wise Extract Space-Time Covariates
unif.mhLocal Search Function
unload.Hst.lsConvert a Space-Time Covariate into Data
widals-packageWeighting by Inverse Distance with Adaptive Least Squares for...
widals.predictWIDALS Interpolation
widals.snowFit WIDALS
Z.clean.upClean Data
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