Man pages for wilson
Web-Based Interactive Omics Visualization

andAND module server logic
andUIAND module UI representation
categoricalPalettesFunction to generate categorical (qualitative) color palettes
ClarionClarion R6-class definition
colorPickercolorPicker module server logic
colorPickerUIcolorPicker module UI representation
columnSelectorcolumnSelector module server logic
columnSelectorUIcolumnSelector module UI representation
create_geneviewMethod for geneView creation
create_heatmapMethod for heatmap creation
create_pcaMethod for pca creation.
create_scatterplotMethod for scatter plot creation
divergingPalettesFunction to generate diverging (two-sided) color palettes...
downloadFunction used for downloading. Creates a zip container...
equalizeMethod to get equalized min/max values from vector
featureSelectorfeatureSelector module server logic
featureSelectorGuidefeatureSelector module guide
featureSelectorUIfeatureSelector module UI representation
forceArgsForce evaluation of the parent function's arguments.
geneViewgeneView's module server logic
geneViewGuidegeneView module guide
geneViewUIgeneView's module UI representation
global_cor_heatmapglobal correlation heatmap module server logic
global_cor_heatmap_guideglobal correlation heatmap module guide
global_cor_heatmapUIglobal correlation heatmap module UI representation
heatmapheatmap module server logic
heatmapGuideheatmap module guide
heatmapUIheatmap module UI representation
install_appDownload and install Wilson Apps
labellabel module server logic
labelUIlabel module UI representation
limitlimit module server logic
limitUIlimit module UI representation
log_messagelogger message convenience function
markermarker module server logic
markerUImarker module UI representation
orNumericorNumeric module server logic
orNumericUIorNumeric module UI representation
orTextualorTextual module server logic
orTextualUIorTextual module UI representation
parse_MaxQuantConverting MaxQuant Output file proteinGroups.txt to CLARION...
parserMethod to parse input file.
pcapca module server logic
pcaGuidepca module guide
pcaUIpca module UI representation
release_questionsDefines additional questions asked before CRAN submission. DO...
scatterPlotscatterPlot module server logic
scatterPlotGuidescatterPlot module guide
scatterPlotUIscatterPlot module UI representation
searchDataFunction to search data for selection
sequentialPalettesFunction to generate sequential (one-sided) color palettes...
set_loggerset a log4r logger used within the package
tobias_parserTOBIAS TFBS table to clarion parser
transformationtransformation module server logic
transformationUItransformation module UI representation
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