Man pages for wrGraph
Graphics in the Context of Analyzing High-Throughput Data

addBagPlotAdd bagplot to existing plot
checkForLegLocFind best place on plot for placing legend
convertPlotCoordPixConvert points of plot to coordinates in pixels
cumFrqPlotCumulative (or sorted) frequency plot (takes columns of 'dat'...
histWHistogram (version by WR)
imageWDisplay numeric content of matrix as image
legendHistAdd histogram to existing plot
MAplotWMA-plot (differential intensity versus average intensity)
mouseOverHtmlFileCreate mouse-over interactive html-pages (with links)
partitionPlotMake matrix for layout to partition plotting area
plotBy2GroupsSeparate and plot data by 2 groups
plotLinRegPlot linear regression and confidence interval of regression
plotPCAwPCA plot with bag-plot to highlight groups
plotW2Legx-y plot with 2 legends
profileAsCluPlot profile(s) according to CLustering
staggerdCountsPlotStaggered Chart for Ploting Counts to Multiple Leveles of the...
vioplotWViolin-plots version W
VolcanoPlotWVolcano-plot (Statistical Test Outcome versus Relative...
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