wux-package: Wegener Center Climate Uncertainty Explorer

Description Details I. Reading, processing, and writing of climate model ouput II. Descriptive analysis of climate change signals III. Analysis of variance components IV. Reconstruction tools Author(s)


The WUX package is a toolbox to analyze climate change uncertainties projected by numerical model simulations.

The package provides methods to calculate and interpret climate change signals and time series from entire multi-model ensembles. Climate model output in binary NetCDF format is read in and aggregated to a data.frame for statistical analysis with tools provided by the R environment. The NetCDF format is not restricted to any specific type of climate model. Global circulation models (GCMs), as the CMIP5 or CMIP3 simulations, can be read in the same way as Regional Climate Models (RCMs), as e.g. the CORDEX or ENSEMBLES simulations.


This package can currently perform following actions:

I. Reading, processing, and writing of climate model ouput

models2wux Reads NetCDF climate model output, processes it, and writes the results to a data.frame which is the backbone of all further WUX analyses
CMIP5fromESGF Automated downloading of the CMIP5 multi-model climate ensemble
read.wux.table Reads in wux csv file obtained from models2wux from harddisk and creates a data frame from it (same data.frame as models2wux returns interactively)
AverageWuxDataFrame WUX data frame averaging function
modelinput_test Example config files for models2wux
ensembles, ensembles_gcms,
cmip3_2050, cmip3_2100,
cmip5_2050, cmip5_2100,
alpinesummer Example data frames calculatated by models2wux

II. Descriptive analysis of climate change signals

Descriptive analysis of multiple climate model simulations.

summary.wux.df Summary statistics of the WUX data frame (wux.df class)
plot.wux.df Scatter Plot
hist.wux.df Density Plot
plotAnnualCycle Annual Cycle Plot

III. Analysis of variance components

Extracts variance components of multiple climate model simulations using an ANOVA.

aovWux ANOVA for WUX data.frame
plot.wux.aov Barplot for aovWux output

IV. Reconstruction tools

Tools for filling missing values of an unbalanced climate model simulation matrix (e.g. missing RCM-GCM combinations of ENSEMBLES) in order to avoid biased ensemble estimates. Currently, the underlying linear reconstrtuction technique is based on solving the linear equation system (LES) of the ANOVA design matrix (method = "LES"), or iterative linear reconstruction based on an ANOVA (method = "Iterative") or Leave-one-out cross-calculation (method = "IterativeCC").

reconstruct Linear reconstruction of missing RCM-GCM combinations


Thomas Mendlik [email protected], Georg Heinrich [email protected], Andreas Gobiet [email protected] and Armin Leuprecht [email protected]

Maintainer: Thomas Mendlik [email protected]

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