Man pages for xml2
Parse XML

as_listCoerce xml nodes to a list.
as_xml_documentCoerce a R list to xml nodes.
download_xmlDownload a HTML or XML file
oldclassRegister S4 classes
read_xmlRead HTML or XML.
url_absoluteConvert between relative and absolute urls.
url_escapeEscape and unescape urls.
url_parseParse a url into its component pieces.
write_xmlWrite XML or HTML to disk.
xml2_exampleGet path to a xml2 example
xml_attrRetrieve an attribute.
xml_cdataConstruct a cdata node
xml_childrenNavigate around the family tree.
xml_commentConstruct a comment node
xml_dtdConstruct a document type definition
xml_find_allFind nodes that match an xpath expression.
xml_missingConstruct an missing xml object
xml_nameThe (tag) name of an xml element.
xml_new_documentCreate a new document, possibly with a root node
xml_nsXML namespaces.
xml_ns_stripStrip the default namespaces from a document
xml_pathRetrieve the xpath to a node
xml_replaceModify a tree by inserting, replacing or removing nodes
xml_serializeSerializing XML objects to connections.
xml_set_namespaceSet the node's namespace
xml_structureShow the structure of an html/xml document.
xml_textExtract or modify the text
xml_typeDetermine the type of a node.
xml_urlThe URL of an XML document
xml_validateValidate XML schema
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