Man pages for xnet
Two-Step Kernel Ridge Regression for Network Predictions

as_tunedconvert tskrr models
create_gridCreate a grid of values for tuning tskrr
dim-tskrr-methodGet the dimensions of a tskrr object
drugTargetInteractiondrug target interactions for neural receptors
eigen2hatCalculate the hat matrix from an eigen decomposition
fittedextract the predictions
get_loo_funRetrieve a loo function
getters_linearFilterGetters for linearFilter objects
getters-permtestGetters for permtest objects
getters-tskrrGetters for tskrr objects
getters-tskrrImputeGetters for tskrrImpute objects
getters-tskrrTuneGetters for tskrrTune objects
hatReturn the hat matrix of a tskrr model
impute_tskrrImpute missing values in a label matrix
impute_tskrr.fitImpute values based on a two-step kernel ridge regression
is_symmetricTest symmetry of a matrix
labelsExtract labels from a tskrr object
linear_filterFit a linear filter over a label matrix
linearFilter-classClass linearFilter
looLeave-one-out cross-validation for tskrr
looInternalLeave-one-out cross-validation for two-step kernel ridge...
lossCalculate or extract the loss of a tskrr model
loss_functionsloss functions
match_labelsReorder the label matrix
permtestCalculate the relative importance of the edges
permtest-classClass permtest
plot_gridPlot the grid of a tuned tskrr model
plot.tskrrplot a heatmap of the predictions from a tskrr model
predictpredict method for tskrr fits
proteinInteractionProtein interaction for yeast
residuals.tskrrcalculate residuals from a tskrr model
test_symmetrytest the symmetry of a matrix
tskrrFitting a two step kernel ridge regression
tskrr-classClass tskrr
tskrr.fitCarry out a two-step kernel ridge regression
tskrrHeterogeneous-classClass tskrrHeterogeneous
tskrrHomogeneous-classClass tskrrHomogeneous
tskrrImpute-classClass tskrrImpute
tskrrImputeHeterogeneous-classClass tskrrImputeHeterogeneous
tskrrImputeHomogeneous-classClass tskrrImputeHomogeneous
tskrrTune-classClass tskrrTune
tskrrTuneHeterogeneous-classClass tskrrTuneHeterogeneous
tskrrTuneHomogeneous-classClass tskrrTuneHomogeneous
tunetune the lambda parameters for a tskrr
updateUpdate a tskrr object with a new lambda
valid_dimensionsFunctions to check matrices
valid_labelsTest the correctness of the labels.
weightsExtract weights from a tskrr model
xnet-packageTwo-step kernel ridge regression for network analysis
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