tskrrTune-class: Class tskrrTune

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The class tskrrTune represents a tuned tskrr model, and is the output of the function tune. Apart from the model, it contains extra information on the tuning procedure. This is a virtual class only.



a list object with the elements k and possibly g indicating the tested lambda values for the row kernel K and - if applicable - the column kernel G. Both elements have to be numeric.


a numeric value with the loss associated with the best lambdas


a matrix with the loss results from the searched grid. The rows form the X dimension (related to the first lambda), the columns form the Y dimension (related to the second lambda if applicable)


the used loss function


a character value describing the exclusion used


a logical value indicating whether or not the cross validation replaced the excluded values by zero


a logical value indicating whether the grid search was done in one dimension. For homogeneous networks, this is true by default.

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