Man pages for yaImpute
Nearest Neighbor Observation Imputation and Evaluation Tools

annApproximate nearest neighbor search routines
applyMaskRemoves neighbors that share (or not) group membership with...
asciigridimputeImputes/Predicts data for Ascii Grid maps
bestVarsComputes the number of _best_ X-variables
buildConsensusFinds the consensus imputations among a list of yai objects
compare.yaiCompares different k-NN solutions
correctbiasCorrect bias by selecting different near neighbors
cor.yaiCorrelation between observed and imputed
ensembleImputeComputes the mean, median, or mode among a list of impute.yai...
errorStatsCompute error components of k-NN imputations
foruseReport a complete imputation
grmsdGeneralized Root Mean Square Distance Between Observed and...
impute.yaiImpute variables from references to targets
MoscowMtStJoeMoscow Mountain and St. Joe Woodlands (Idaho, USA) Tree and...
mostusedTabulate references most often used in imputation
newtargetsFinds K nearest neighbors for new target observations
notablydifferentFinds obervations with large differences between observed and...
notablydistantFind notably distant targets a compare.yai object
plot.notablydifferentPlots the scaled root mean square differences between...
plot.varSelBoxplot of mean Mahalanobis distances from varSelection()
plot.yaiPlot observed verses imputed data
predict.yaiGeneric predict function for class yai
printPrint a summary of a yai object
rmsd.yaiRoot Mean Square Difference between observed and imputed
TallyLakeTally Lake, Flathead National Forest, Montana, USA
unionDataJoinCombines data from several sources
varsList variables in a yai object
varSelectionSelect variables for imputation models
whatsMaxFind maximum column for each row
yaiFind K nearest neighbors
yaiRFsummaryBuild Summary Data For Method RandomForest
yaiVarImpReports or plots importance scores for yai method...
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