TallyLake: Tally Lake, Flathead National Forest, Montana, USA

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Polygon-based reference data used by Stage and Crookston (2007) to demonstrate partitioning of error components and related statistics. Observations are summaries of data collected on forest stands (ploygons).




A data frame with 847 rows and 29 columns:

Ground based measurements of trees (Y-variables):

Geographic Location, Slope, and Aspect (X-variables):

Additional X-variables:


USDA Forest Service


Stage, A.R.; Crookston, N.L. 2007. Partitioning error components for accuracy-assessment of near neighbor methods of imputation. For. Sci. 53(1):62-72 http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/28385

Stage, A.R. (1976). An expression for the effect of aspect, slope, and habitat type on tree growth. For. Sci. 22(4):457-460.

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