Man pages for yamlet
Versatile Curation of Table Metadata a Data Frame
anti_join.decoratedAnti_join Decorated
append_unitsAppend Units Units for Data Frame
append_units.defaultAppend Units By Default
arrange.decoratedArrange Decorated
as.character.yamCoerce Yam to Character
as.character.yamletCoerce Yamlet to Character Yamlet to Data Frame
as_decoratedCoerce to Decorated
as_decorated.defaultCoerce to Decorated by Default
as.integer.classifiedCoerce Classified to Integer
as_spork.symbolic_unitsCoerce Symbolic Units to Spork
as_spork.unitsCoerce Units to Spork
as_spork.unit_stringCoerce Unit String to Spork
as_unit_stringCoerce to Unit String
as_unit_string.characterCoerce Character to Unit String
as_unit_string.factorCoerce Factor to Unit String
as_unit_string.symbolic_unitsCoerce Symbolic Units to Unit String.
as_unit_string.unitsCoerce Units to Unit String.
as_yamCoerce to Yam
as_yam.characterCoerce Character to Yam
as_yamletCoerce to Yamlet
as_yamlet.characterCoerce Character To Yamlet Format Data Frame to Yamlet
as_yamlet.listCoerce List to Yamlet
as_yamlet.yamCoerce Yam To Yamlet Format
as_yamlet.yamletCoerce Yamlet to Yamlet
as_yam.yamletCoerce Yamlet to Yam
canonicalEnforce Canonical Order
canonical.decoratedSort Decorations
canonical.yamletSort Yamlet
c.classifiedCombine Classified
cell_valueCalculate a Cell Value
classifiedClassify Something Data Frame
classified.defaultCreate Classified by Default
conditionalizeConditionalize Attributes Attributes of Data Frame
decorateDecorate a List-like Object
decorate.characterDecorate Character Data Frame
decorate.listDecorate List
decorationsRetrieve Decorations Decorations for Data Frame
desolveDesolve Guide
desolve.decoratedDesolve Guide for Decorated
encode.yamletEncode Yamlet
explicit_guideCoerce Guide to Something More Explicit Data Frame Guide to Something More Explicit
explicit_guide.yamletCoerce Yamlet Guide to Something More Explicit
filter.decoratedFilter Decorated
footnoteFootnote Something
footnote.decoratedFootnote Decorated
full_join.decoratedFull_join Decorated
gather.decoratedGather a Decorated Data Frame
ggplot_build.decorated_ggplotEnable Automatic Labels and Units for ggplot
ggplot_build.ggready_ggplotEnable Automatic Labels and Units for ggplot
ggplot.decoratedCreate a New ggplot for a Decorated Data Frame
ggplot.ggreadyCreate a New ggplot for a GGready Data Frame
ggreadyPrepare Data for GGplot Data Frame for GGplot
ggready.decoratedPrepare Decorated Data Frame for GGplot
group_by.decoratedGroup_by Decorated
implicit_guideCoerce Guide to Something More Implicit Data Frame Guide to Something More Implicit
infer_guideInfer Type of Guide
inner_join.decoratedInner_join Decorated
io_csvImport and Export Documented Tables as CSV
io_csv.characterImport Documented Table as CSV Documented Table as CSV
io_resImport Resolved Tables
io_res.characterImport Documented Table as Resolved
io_tableImport and Export Documented Tables
io_table.characterImport Documented Table Documented Table
io_yamletImport and Export Yamlet
io_yamlet.characterImport Yamlet Data Frame Attributes as Yamlet
io_yamlet.yamletExport Yamlet
isConditionalTest Object is Conditional
isConditional.defaultTest Object is Conditional by Default
isConditional.listTest List is Conditional
isLevelsTest Value is Levels
isLevels.characterTest Character Value is Levels
isLevels.defaultTest Value is Levels by Default
is_parseableCheck Parseable as Units
is_parseable.defaultCheck Something is Parseable as Units by Default
left_join.decoratedLeft_join Decorated
list2encodingCoerce List to Encoding
merge.decoratedMerge Decorated
mimicTry To Look Like Something Else
mimic.classifiedTry To Make Classified Look Like Another Equal-length...
mimic.defaultTry To Look Like Another Equal-length Variable
modifyModify Attributes of Indicated Components
modify.defaultModify Attributes of Indicated Components by Default
mutate.decoratedMutate Decorated
namedEvaluate Named Arguments
names-set-.decoratedAssign Names of Decorated
parsimoniousReduce Something to its Simplest Sufficient Version
parsimonious.defaultReduce by Default to Simplest Sufficient Version
parsimonious.listReduce A List to its Simplest Sufficient Version
print.decorated_ggplotSubstitute Expressions, Titles and Labels in ggplots
print.decorated_xtablePrint Decorated Xtable
print.ggready_ggplotPrint Automatic Labels and Units for ggplot
print.yamletPrint a Yamlet
promotePromote Something Data Frame
promote.defaultPromote by Default
promote.listPromote a List
proxyCalculate Substitute Values
proxy.factorCalculate Substitute Values for Factor Levels
read_yamletRead Yamlet
redecorateRedecorate a List-like Object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resolveResolve Guide
resolve.decoratedResolve Guide for Decorated
right_join.decoratedRight_join Decorated
select.decoratedSelect Decorated
selectedIdentify Selected Names
selected.defaultIdentify Selected Names by Default
semi_join.decoratedSemi_join Decorated
singularityChoose Singular Expression
slice.decoratedSlice Decorated
sub-.classifiedSubset Classified
sub-.decorateda <- as_decorated(as.list(setNames(letters[1:3],...
subset-.classifiedAssign Subset of Classified
subset-.decoratedAssign Subset of Decorated
sub-sub-.classifiedElement-select Classified
sub-sub-.decoratedElement-select Decorated.
sub-subset-.classifiedAssign Element of Classified
sub-subset-.decoratedAssign Element of Decorated
sub-sub-.unit_stringElement-select Unit String
sub_unitsPlace Units Under Label
sub-.unit_stringSubset Unit String
sub-.yamletSubset Yamlet
summarise.decoratedSummarise Decorated
summarize.decoratedSummarize Decorated
to_yamletCoerce to Yamlet Storage Format
to_yamlet.characterCoerce Character to Yamlet Storage Format
to_yamlet.defaultCoerce Default to Yamlet Storage Format
to_yamlet.listCoerce list to yamlet Storage Format
to_yamlet.NULLCoerce Null to Yamlet Storage Format
to_yamlet.yamletCoerce Yamlet to Yamlet Storage Format
unclassifiedUnclassify Something
unclassified.classifiedUnclassify Classified Data Frame
ungroup.decoratedUngroup Decorated
unnestCollapse Uninformative Levels
unnest.defaultCollapse Uninformative Levels by Default
unnest.listCollapse Uninformative Levels of a List
write_yamletWrite Yamlet
xtable.decoratedCreate Export Table for Decorated
yamletyamlet: Versatile Curation of Table Metadata
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