mutate.decorated: Mutate Decorated

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Preserves class when mutating decorated.


## S3 method for class 'decorated'
mutate(.data, ...)



A data frame, data frame extension (e.g. a tibble), or a lazy data frame (e.g. from dbplyr or dtplyr). See Methods, below, for more details.


<data-masking> Name-value pairs. The name gives the name of the column in the output.

The value can be:

  • A vector of length 1, which will be recycled to the correct length.

  • A vector the same length as the current group (or the whole data frame if ungrouped).

  • NULL, to remove the column.

  • A data frame or tibble, to create multiple columns in the output.

See Also

Other dplyr: anti_join.decorated(), arrange.decorated(), full_join.decorated(), group_by.decorated(), inner_join.decorated(), left_join.decorated(), right_join.decorated(), select.decorated(), semi_join.decorated(), slice.decorated(), summarise.decorated(), summarize.decorated()

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