Man pages for ymlthis
Write 'YAML' for 'R Markdown', 'bookdown', 'blogdown', and More

asis_yaml_outputExport yml object as a YAML knitr code chunk
as_ymlConvert to yml object
bib2ymlConvert bib files to YAML
blogdown_templateCreate YAML based on blogdown theme archetypes
code_chunkWrite code chunks programmatically
draw_yml_treeDraw an tree of YAML hierarchy
gitbook_configConfigure 'bookdown::gitbook()' output
has_fieldCheck if field exists in YAML
includes2Include content within output
is_ymlIs object a yml object?
last_ymlReturn the most recently printed YAML
pagedown_business_card_templateGenerate a full YAML template for your pagedown business card
pandoc_template_typesUse pandoc templates and custom highlight themes
pipePipe operator
pkgdown_templateGenerate a full YAML template for your pkgdown site
read_jsonRead and write to JSON and TOML
use_file_ymlWrite YAML to file
use_ymlCopy YAML code to your clipboard or write to a new R Markdown...
use_yml_defaultsSet up default YAML
ymlCreate a new yml object
yml_authorSet Top-level R Markdown YAML Fields
yml_blankReturn a blank object to be discarded from YAML
yml_blogdown_optsSet Top-level YAML options for blogdown
yml_bookdown_optsSet Top-level YAML options for bookdown
yml_citationsSet citation-related YAML options
yml_cleanRemove intermediate rendering files
yml_codeTake code and write it as valid YAML
yml_distill_optsSet Top-level YAML options for distill
yml_handlersSet handlers to process the way YAML is printed
yml_latex_optsSet LaTeX YAML options for PDF output
yml_loadLoad YAML from string
yml_outputCapture, validate, and write output YAML
yml_pagedown_optsTop-level YAML options for pagedown
yml_paramsParameterize an R Markdown report using Shiny components
yml_pkgdownSet Top-level YAML options for pkgdown
yml_referenceWrite references as YAML fields
yml_replaceReplace, pluck, or discard top-level YAML fields
yml_resource_filesAdd external resource files to R Markdown document
yml_rsconnect_emailSet YAML for Scheduled Emails in RStudio Connect
yml_rticles_optsSet YAML related to rticles output formats
yml_runtimeActivate Shiny in R Markdown
yml_site_optsAdd site options for _site.yml and navbars for R Markdown...
yml_tocSpecify Table of Contents options
yml_verbatimWrite YAML field or content verbatim
yml_vignetteSet up a package vignette
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