Man pages for zcurve
An Implementation of Z-Curves

control_densityControl settings for the z-curve 2.0 density algorithm
control_density_v1Control settings for the original z-curve density algorithm
control_EMControl settings for the zcurve EM algorithm
is.zcurveReports whether x is a zcurve object
OSC.zZ-scores from subset of original studies featured in OSC 2015...
plot.zcurvePlot fitted z-curve object
power_to_zCompute z-score corresponding to a power
print.estimates.zcurvePrints estimates from z-curve object
print.summary.zcurvePrints summary object for z-curve method
print.zcurvePrints a fitted z-curve object
summary.zcurveSummarize fitted z-curve object
zcurveFit a z-curve
zcurve.estimatesz-curve estimates
zcurve-packagezcurve: An Implementation of Z-Curves
z_to_powerCompute power corresponding to z-scores
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