zcurve-package: zcurve: An Implementation of Z-Curves

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An implementation of z-curves - a method for estimating expected discovery and replicability rates on the bases of test-statistics of published studies. The package provides functions for fitting the new density and EM version (Bartoš & Schimmack, 2020, <doi:10.31234/osf.io/urgtn>) as well as the original density z-curve (Brunner & Schimmack, 2020, <doi:10.15626/MP.2018.874>). Furthermore, the package provides summarizing and plotting functions for the fitted z-curve objects. See the aforementioned articles for more information about the z-curves, expected discovery and replicability rates, validation studies, and limitations.


Maintainer: František Bartoš f.bartos96@gmail.com


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