Man pages for zooimage
Analysis of Numerical Plankton Images

correctErrorThe ZooImage error correction (manual validation) tools
fileutilsVarious file utility functions used by ZooImage
guiThe ZooImage GUI (Graphical User Interface)
guiutilsVarious GUI utility functions used by ZooImage
importFunction to import data from the FlowCAM
utilitiesVarious utility functions used by ZooImage
zicCheck .zic files (ZooImage Categories)
ZIClassCreate and manipulate 'ZIClass' objects
zidManage .zid files (ZooImage Data)
zidbManage .zidb files (ZooImage Databases)
zieZIE (ZooImage Extension) manipulate .zie files to add custom...
zimManipulate .zim files (ZooImage Metadata/Measurements)
zipZip and unzip raw .tif images for ZooImage and embed metadata
ZIResVarious function to calculate results ('ZIRes' object)
zisManipulate .zis files (ZooImage Samples description)
ZITrainManipulate training and testsets 'ZITrain'/'ZITest' objects
zooimage.packageZooImage: analysis of digital plankton images
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