Man pages for ABoVE-AotM/above
Functions and methods for the Animals on the Move project of the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE - NASA).

assignNicknamesAssign nicknames
createEnvDataFrameConvert data frame to Movebank Env-Data request file
createEnvDataGridCreate gridded data for querying Movebank Env-Data
createEnvDataRequestCreates EnvData XML query
downloadEnvDataDownload and return annotated data from EnvData
fitMultiMigrationFit multiple migrations
getVTGenerate vector statistics
gofGoodness of Fit
lio.clogitLeave-individuals-out for SSF
loadSnowData24kmNSIDC Snow Model Functions
lonlat24km24km Lat-Lon data
mapggmap of a track
plot.lioPlot lio
plot.movetrackQuick plot of a track (against x-y-time)
plotMultiMigrationPlot Multiple Migration Fit
processMovedataprocess Move data
quickUTMFind UTM zone
selectSpansSelect spans for multimigration analysis
snow24kmSample 24km snow data frames
summary.lioSummary output from a leave-individual-out object
summary.movetrackSummary method for a track
uploadEnvDataRequestUpload an Env-Data request for Annotation
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