Man pages for AKYves/upbornr
Update and View Borno Data using a UI

add_metadataAdding metadata to raw_data
add_populationAdd the population Data to the final data
borno_popPopulation of Borno, 2016 update from OCHA
check_excelA little function to check if the file has an excel extension
check_pdfsA little function to check if a file is a pdf and return a...
convert_fileConverting one PDF text into tibble format
convert_filesConverting all pdfs withing a folder to a data.frame
convert_to_longConverting data to long format
create_metadataExtracting the metadata from one pdf file.
file_updateUpdate historic data using one file
folder_updateUpdate historic data using a folder
historic_long_dataHistoric data in long and wide format
historic_wide_dataHistoric data in long and wide format
upbornrUpdating data from Borno data
update_addinUpdating the borno data using a friendly user interface
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