Man pages for AndyBunn/dplR
Dendrochronology Program Library in R

anos1Rothenburg Tree Ring Widths
bai.inBasal Area Increment (Inside Out)
bai.outBasal Area Increment (Outside In)
ca533Campito Mountain Tree Ring Widths
cana157Twisted Tree Heartrot Hill Standard Chronology
ccf.series.rwlCross-Correlation between a Series and a Master Chronology
chronBuild Mean Value Chronology
cmsC-Method Standardization
co021Schulman Old Tree No. 1, Mesa Verde
combine.rwlCombine Tree-Ring Data Sets
common.intervalCommon Interval
corr.rwl.segCompute Correlations between Series
corr.series.segCompute Correlation between a Series and a Master Chronology
crn.plotPlot a Tree-Ring Chronology
csv2rwlRead Ring Width File from CSV
detrendDetrend Multiple Ring-Width Series Simultaneously
detrend.seriesDetrend a Ring-Width Series
dplR-defunctDefunct functions in dplR
dplR-packageDendrochronology Program Library in R
ffcsapsSmoothing Spline with User-Specified Rigidity and Frequency...
fill.internal.NAFill Internal NA
gini.coefCalculate the Gini Coefficient
glkCalculate Gleichläufigkeit
gp.d2pithPonderosa Pine Distance to Pith Corresponding to 'gp.rwl'
gp.dbhPonderosa Pine Stem Diameters and Bark Thickness ('gp.rwl')
gp.poPonderosa Pine Pith Offsets Corresponding to 'gp.rwl'
gp.rwlPonderosa Pine Ring Widths from Gus Pearson Natural Area
hanningHanning Filter
i.detrendInteractively Detrend Multiple Ring-Width Series
i.detrend.seriesInteractively Detrend a Ring-Width Series
insert.ringEdit a Ring-Width Series
interseries.corIndividual Series Correlation Against a Master Chronology
latexDateDate Conversion to Character in LaTeX Format
latexifyConvert Character Strings for Use with LaTeX
morletPerform a Continuous Morlet Wavelet Transform
netCalculate NET
pass.filtLow-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and stop-pass filtering
plot.crsPlotting crs Objects
plot.rwlPlotting Rwl Objects
pointerCalculates Pointer Years from a Group of Ring-Width Series Pith Offset to Wood Completeness
powtPower Transformation of Tree-Ring Data
print.redfitPrinting Redfit Results
print.rwl.reportDo some reporting on a RWL object
rasterPlotAdd Raster Elements to Plot
rcsRegional Curve Standardization
read.compactRead DPL Compact Format Ring Width File
read.crnRead Tucson Format Chronology File
read.fhRead Heidelberg Format Ring Width File
read.idsRead Site-Tree-Core IDs
read.rwlRead Ring Width File
read.tridasRead Tree Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS) File
read.tucsonRead Tucson Format Ring Width File
redfitRed-Noise Spectra of Time-Series
rwi.stats.running(Running Window) Statistics on Detrended Ring-Width Series
rwl.reportDo some reporting on a RWL object
rwl.statsCalculate Descriptive Summary Statistics on Ring-Width Series
seaSuperposed Epoch Analysis
seg.plotSegment Plot
sens1Calculate Mean Sensitivity
sens2Calculate Mean Sensitivity on Series with a Trend
series.rwl.plotPlot Series and a Master
skel.plotSkeleton Plot
spag.plotSpaghetti Plot
sssSubsample Signal Strength
strip.rwlChronology Stripping by EPS
tbrmCalculate Tukey's Biweight Robust Mean
time.rwlReturn time values for rwl and crn objects
treeMeanCalculate mean across cores in a tree
tridas.vocabularyBrowse and Check Standard TRiDaS Vocabulary
uuid.genUUID Generator
wa082Hurricane Ridge, Pacific silver fir
wavelet.plotPlot a Continuous Wavelet Transform Wood Completeness to Pith Offset
write.compactWrite DPL Compact Format Ring Width File
write.crnWrite Tucson Format Chronology File
write.rwlWrite Chronology File
write.tridasWrite Tree Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS) file
write.tucsonWrite Tucson Format Chronology File
xdate.floaterCrossdate an undated series
xskel.ccf.plotSkeleton Plot for Series and Master with Cross Correlation
xskel.plotSkeleton Plot for Series and Master
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