Man pages for AustralianAntarcticDivision/EchoviewR
Control of Echoview via COM

CCAMLR_SWARMR04.EVEchoview template for krill swarms based analysis developed...
centreLawnOnPositionCentre a regular rectangular survey on a given position
centreZigZagOnPositionCentre an zig-zag line transect survey on a given position
combineEVLCombine Echoview line objects
EVAcoVarCheckCheck an Echoview acoustic variable
EVAcoVarDataGeneratorControl an Echoview data generator variable using COM...
EVAcoVarNameFinderFind an acoustic variable by name
EVAddCalibrationFileAdd a calibration file (.ecs) to a fileset
EVAddRawDataAdd raw data files to an open Echoview file (.EV)
EVAddVariableAdd a variable to an Echoview file
EVAdjustDataRngBitmapChange the data range bitmap of an acoustic object
EVBottomDetectionBottom Detection
EVChangeVariableGridChange the integration grid size and type of an Echoview...
EVClearRawDataClear all files from a fileset
EVCloseFileClose an open Echoview file (.EV)
EVCreateEditableLineCreate an EV Editable Line from an existing line
EVCreateFilesetCreate a new Echoview fileset
EVCreateNewCreate a new Echoview (.EV) file and adds raw data files to...
EVDeleteLineDeletes an Echoview line object
EVDeleteRegionClassDelete an Echoview region class
EVExportEchogramToImageExport an Echoview acoustic variable to an image file
EVExportIntegrationAllRegionsExport echo integration from Echoview for all regions in an...
EVExportIntegrationByCellsExport integration by cells for an acoustic variable
EVExportIntegrationByRegionByCellsExport integration by region name by cells for an acoustic...
EVExportLineAsCSVExport an Echoview line as a CSV file
EVExportRegionDefExports an Echoview region definition
EVExportRegionDefByClassExports definitions for all Echoview regions in a region...
EVExportRegionSvExport Sv data for an Echoview acoustic variable by region
EVExportUnderlyingExport underlying data for an acoustic variable
EVExportWBST_FRExport Wideband Single Targets Frequency Response
EVFilesInFilesetFind names of all raw files in a fileset
EVFindFilesetByNameFind an Echoview fileset in an Echoview file
EVFindFilesetTimeFind the time and date of the start and end of an Echoview...
EVFindLineByNameFind an EV Line object by name
EVFindRegionByNameFinds an Echoview region by name
EVFindRegionClassFind the class of an Echoview region object
EVFishTrackingDetect Fish Tracks
EVGetCalibrationFileNameGets the calibration file name of a fileset
EVgetCalParValuesGet calibration settings pf an Echoview acoustic variable...
EVImportLineImport an Echoview line (EVL format) file
EVImportRegionDefImport an Echoview region definitions file (.evr)
EVIntegrationByRegionsByCellsExportExport integration by regions by cells from an Echoview...
EVIntegrationByRegionsExportExport integration by regions from an Echoview acoustic...
EVLineExportFromAcousticVarEVLExport an Echoview line file for an existing line associated...
EVmaxThresholdSetSets maximum data threshold for a variable object
EVminThresholdSetSets minimum data threshold for a variable object
EVNewAcousticVarAdd a new acoustic variable
EVNewFileCreate a new Echoview file (.EV)
EVNewFixedDepthLineCreates a new fixed depth Echoview line
EVNewLineRelativeRegionCreates a new line relative region in the current variable
EVNewRegionClassCreate a new Echoview region class
EVOpenFileOpen an existing Echoview file (.EV)
EVPingSubsetControl an Echoview ping subset virtual variable using COM...
EVRegionClassFinderFind an Echoview region class by name
EVRenameAcousticVarRename an Echoview acoustic variable
EVRenameLineRenames an Echoview Line object
EVResampleByPingControlControl the 'Resample by ping' Echoview virtual variable...
EVSaveAsFilePerform save as operation on an open Echoview file (.EV)
EVSaveFileSave an open Echoview file (.EV)
EVSchoolsDetectSchools Detection in Echoview
EVSchoolsDetSetChange schools detection settings
EVSetAcoVarDisplayDepthSet the minimum and maximum display depth for an acoustic...
EVsetExclusionLinesChange the top and bottom exclusion lines in an Echoview...
EVShiftRegionDepthChange the depth of an Echoview Region
EVShiftRegionTimeChange the time of an Echoview Region
EVsingleTargetParsChange the single target settings for Echoview single target...
EVsplitBeamSingleTargetParsChange the SPLIT-BEAM single target settings for an Echoview...
EVSTWidebandBroadband Single target detection
EVVersionGet the current version of Echoview
exportMIFWrite a map info file for import into Echoview.
getRawsFind Raw files based on Time and Date, providing folder...
jhFThe Jolly and Hampton (1990) estimator
jhMultipleStrataFEstimate mean and variance across multiple strata using the...
lawnSurveyGenerate a coordinate list for a regular rectangular survey
makeEVRfromDTCreate an Echoview EVR (Region definition) file from depth...
makeRectRegionMake a rectangular Echoview region (EVR) file.
modifyECSA function to modify Ex60/70 Echoview calibration files (ECS...
msDATEConversionConvert a Microsoft DATE object to a human readable date and...
QuitEchoviewClose an Echoview instance through COM scripting
readevl2RRead and Echoview line (.evl) file into R
readUnderlyingDataCSVRead CSV resulting from a call of EVExportUnderlying()
schoolRelativeDimensionCalculate the relative dimension of a school
StartEchoviewStart an Echoview instance through COM scripting
writeRevl2fileWrite an Echoview line (.evl) file
zigzagSurveyGenerate a coordinate list for a zig-zag survey
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