CCAMLR_SWARMR04.EV: Echoview template for krill swarms based analysis developed...

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This is an Echoview (.EV) file and can only be read in Echoview version 8 or later. See the SG-ASAM 2017 meeting report for the Echvoiew template development rationale as well as parameter settings


This Echoview template file is set-up for dual frequency (38 and 120 kHz) EK60 and ES60/70 data. Impulse and background noise removal algorithms are included, and it is possible to export krill areal density directly from the template.


Echoview (R) is a registered trademark of Echoview Software Pty Ltd. Website: and to carry out operations using this file an Echoview (R) license is required.

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