Man pages for AustralianAntarcticDivision/raadtools
Tools for Synoptic Environmental Spatial Data

allfilesLoad raw list of all files available to raadtools from the...
amps_d1_icefilesAMPS files
amps_metadataAMPS GRIB file metadata
auroraAurora Australis voyage track
chl.palOcean colour colours for chlorophyll-a.
coastmapCoast map
commonprojectionsThis is a list of often used projections, in PROJ.4
cpolarfilesCircumpolar ROMS files.
currentsfilesAVISO ocean currents files
derivaadcfilesLoad metadata and location of files of polar climatological...
derivaadcproductsList all derived data products available through...
derivicefilesLoad metadata and location of files of derived sea ice data...
distance_to_ice_edgeDistance to a sea ice 'edge'.
fasticefilesfast ice files
frontsmapFronts map data for the Southern Ocean
ghrsstfilesGHRSST L4 files
icefilesLoad metadata and location of files of sea ice data products.
imagemapMaps of places
ocfilesLoad metadata and location of files of ocean colour data...
oc_sochla_filesDerived ocean colour files
polar_mapPolar map
raadtools-packageR tools for spatial data, extensions using raster to read and...
rapid_responsefilesLoad metadata and location of files of Rapid Response...
readamps_d1windread AMPS data
read_amsr_iceRead AMSR sea ice data.
readchlaRead Chlorophyll-a for the Southern Ocean
readcurrRead AVISO ocean current data
readderivaadcRead data from polar climatological and other summary...
readderiviceRead data from derived sea ice data products.
readfasticeFast ice data
readfrontsRead data from the Sokolov/Rintoul Southern Ocean fronts...
readghrsstRead GHRSST
readiceRead data from sea ice data products.
readice_areaArea of pixels in sea ice
readmldMixed Layer Depth
read_oc_sochlaSouthern Ocean Chlorophyll-a
readrapid_responseMODIS Rapid Response images
readsshread SSH/A
readsstRead OISST sea surface temperature data
readtopoTopography data
read_ugosa_dailyAltimetry products.
set_data_rootsSet the file system locations where data are stored
sshfilesAVISO sea surface height / anomaly files
sstfilesOISST sea surface temperature files
sst.palSST colours
timedateFromStable conversion to POSIXct from character and Date
windfilesFiles containing NCEP2 wind vector data
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