tagsim: tagsim: A simple population model for tag-based simulations

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A simple population model for tag-based simulations for fisheries based on the fisheries operating model written by Philippe Ziegler.


Simulation model

The simulation model is aimed at evaluating tag-based scenarios, however scenarios without tagging data can be implemented.

Assessment model

Simple assessments are implemented including

1) Tag-based estimates

Simulation Processes

Processes in the model occur in the following order

1 New season processes

1.1 create a temp vector to store the population and tag numbers last year

1.2.1 Move untagged population

1.2.2 Move the tagged population

1.3 Estimate recruitment from last season numbers (there is no growth)

1.3.1 add the recrutiment (recruits don't move) consider saving this

2 Harvest and natural mortality

2.1 calculate population size by strata (tagged + untagged)

2.1.1 update the harvest rate/strategy based on last seasons abundance

2.1.2 calculate an F based on fishery type (Ricker I or II)

2.2 calculate the total catch & natural mortality

2.3 remove from the population tagged and untagged

2.4 calculate the number of tags observed etc

3 Assign the end of season population size to the storage

4 Estimate abundance and store the result

5 move to the next year and repeat

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