Man pages for BMILAB/AStrap
Identificantion of alternative splicing events and classificaiton of alternative splicing types

AStrapIdentification AS events and classification AS types.
buildTrainModelClassification models.
extract_IsoSeq_geExtract the sequence around splice sites based on genome.
extract_IsoSeq_trExtract the sequence around splice sites based on transcript.
getFeatureFeature construction.
plotAlignNetwork graph showing identities of pairwise alignments in a...
plotASPlotting a AS event.
plotClusterNetwork graph showing the distribution of isoforms in a...
plotGainAttribute Evaluators.
plotROCPlotting a ROC curve
readCDHITRead the clusters from a file.
readGMAPRead the pairwise sequence alignments from a file.
reClusterAdjusting the cluster.
trimmGMAPAlignment trimming
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