Man pages for Bai-Li-NOAA/IFA4EBFM
Interdisciplinary Forecasting Approach for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

adjust_projection_catcheco_jabbaCalculate catch for projections based on JABBA outputs
adjust_projection_dbsraAdjust TAC based on DB-SRA outputs
adjust_projection_jabbaAdjust FMSY based on JABBA outputs
bibtex2rmdRead bibtex to an Rmd file.
calc_soiCalculate status of an indicator over time
compare_projections_dbsraCompare projections from different DB-SRA cases
create_biodataCreate biological data
create_fisheryCreate fishery from Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) output data
create_surveyCreate survey from Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) output data
cumd_normCumulative normal distribution
download_amoDownload AMO data
download_nceiDownload data from NOAA NCEI
generate_jabbaGenerate frequently used input data for JABBA
generate_ss3Generate frequently used input data for Stock Synthesis 3
logisticCompute various logistic patterns
read_ewe_outputRead in EwE output data and make figures
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