Man pages for BavoDC/AGREL
Package for calculating agreement/reliability indices

Agreement_deVetBreast reconstruction dataset
Agreement_deVetArticleBreast reconstruction dataset as used in de Vet et al. (2017)
AgreemGeneralizedVectorFunction to calculate the overall proportion agreement and...
AGREL-packagePackage for calculating agreement/reliability indices
BAplotMultipleRModified Bland-Altman plot for multiple raters
CohenKCohen's Kappa
ConfintJackConfidence intervals using the jackknife method.
DentalStudyDental reliability study
DiagnosticAgreement.deVetCalculating agreement for dichotomous variables.
FleissKFleiss' Kappa
Kappa.MatrixMatrix of Kappa-type coefficients
PsychMorbidPsychological morbidity dataset
PsychMorbidOrigPsychological morbidity dataset as used in Fleiss (1971)
TransfDataTransposing data to use the functions in AGREL.
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