Man pages for BigelowLab/daymet
OPeNDAP access to daymet data

daymet_bagConstruct a daymet ncdf object bag of goodies
DaymetGridEstablish a DaymetGridRefClass object
DaymetGridRefClass-classAn object that connects to opendap daymet grids using ncdf4
DaymetGridRefClass_get_rasterRetrieve one or more raster layers for the user specified...
daymet_grid_uriBuild a daymet uri for gridded data
daymet_indexCompute indices into daymet arrays from lon/lat or from the...
daymet_navPrepare a navigation list for subsetting daymet arrays
daymet_rasterRetrieve one or more raster layers of daymet data
DaymetStationsEstablish a DaymetStationsRefClass object
DaymetStationsRefClass-classAn object that connects to opendap daymet stations using...
DaymetStationsRefClass_closest_stationsFind the n closest stations to the lon/lat coordinates...
DaymetStationsRefClass_datesRetrieve the dates
DaymetStationsRefClass_station_dataGet station data by station name, station id or index within...
DaymetStationsRefClass_station_idRetrieve the station ids
DaymetStationsRefClass_station_nameRetrieve the station names
DaymetStationsRefClass_stn_latRetrieve the station lat locations
DaymetStationsRefClass_stn_lonRetrieve the station lon locations
DaymetStationsRefClass_stnxRetrieve the station x locations
DaymetStationsRefClass_stnyRetrieve the station y locations
DaymetStationsRefClass_stnzRetrieve the station z elevations
daymet_station_uriBuild a daymet uri for station data
fetch_daymet_rasterRetrieve one or more raster layers of daymet data
get_crsRetrieve a coordiante reference string by name
param_from_uri_gridGuess the parameter from the uri for gridded data
param_from_uri_stationGuess the parameter from the uri for station data
points_transformTransform a set of coordinates
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