Man pages for BigelowLab/rscripting
Simple tools for scripting with Rscript

ArgumentCreate an Argument class object
ArgumentRefClass-classArgumentRefClass to manage one argument
ArgumentRefClass_getGet the value(s) of an argument
ArgumentRefClass_getActionRun the 'action' function
ArgumentRefClass_get_usageGet usage string
ArgumentRefClass_parse_argumentParse the argument list selecting the one of interest
ArgumentRefClass_print_helpPrint usage help
ArgumentRefClass_showPrint information about the object
CommandArgsGenerate a CommandArgs reference
CommandArgs_addAdd an argument definition See 'link{Argument}' for input...
CommandArgs_add_argumentAdd an argument definition See 'link{Argument}' for input...
CommandArgs_getTest is the named argument is present
CommandArgs_get_allGet all arguments
CommandArgs_help_calledDetect if user called for help using "-help" or "-h"
CommandArgs_parse_argumentsParse the argument vector into 'Argument' objects
CommandArgs_print_helpPrint usage help
CommandArgs_showPrint information about the object
ConfiguratorCreate a new ConfiguratorRefClass and possibly read the...
ConfiguratorRefClass-classA class for configuration elements
ConfiguratorRefClass_getRetrieve one keyword/value pair by section or an entire...
ConfiguratorRefClass_parse_lineParse one or more raw text lines of key=value or key:value...
ConfiguratorRefClass_read_fileRead a config file comprised of [sections] of key=value...
ConfiguratorRefClass_setSet one keyword/value pair by section
ConfiguratorRefClass_showPrint the contents of the Configurator
ConfiguratorRefClass_write_fileWrite a config file comprised of [sections] of key=value...
cp_dirCopy the contents of one directory to another using system's...
file_partsDivide a fully qualified filename into directory, name and...
get_temp_dirnameRetrieve a temporary directory name
get_temp_filenameCreate a temporary file name
has_muttTest if mutt is installed on the host platform See <URL:...
has_nailTest if nail is installed on the host platform See <URL:...
is_bzip2Test if a file is gzipped
is_gzipTest if a file is gzipped
is_tgzTest if a file is tarred and gzip (.tar, .gz or tgz)
is_zipTest if a file is zipped.
LoggerCreate a LoggerRefClass object
Logger_elapsedOutput the elapsed time
Logger_errorOutput an error message
Logger_infoOutput an informative message
Logger_logLog messages, possible echoed to the command line
LoggerRefClass-classA Logger reference class for simple message logging
Logger_scriptreportCreate a script report
Logger_setfilenameSet the filename attribute
Logger_warnOutput a warning message
mgreplPerform grepl on multiple patterns; it's like AND-ing or...
muttmailSend a simple mail via mutt - see <URL:>
nailmailSend a simple mail via nail - see <URL:...
pack_directoryCreate a zipped or tarred and gzipped archive of a directory
parseArgumentParse the argument character for this Argument's value(s)
rscriptingrscritping: convenience tools for Rscript and more
rsync_dirsSync two directories using the system 'rsync'
sendmailSend an email from R using the underlying mail services.
StopwatchCreate a StopwatchRefClass object
Stopwatch_add_elapsedAdd an elapsed time. If the watch is running then it is...
Stopwatch_current_elapsedReport the current elapsed time without stopping the clock
Stopwatch_elapsedReport the current elapsed time without stopping the clock
Stopwatch_get_elapsedGet the elapsed time, possibly accumulating. If the watch is...
Stopwatch_resetReset the stopwatch, eliminate acculumated elapsed time...
Stopwatch_showShow the elapsed time
Stopwatch_startStart the timer, resets the start time to the current time
Stopwatch_stopStop the timer
Stopwatch_to_stringReturn a formatted elapsed time string
str_trimTrim leading spaces, trailing spaces or both.
system_memoryRetrieves information on the system memory resources on...
test_compressedTest if a given file is compressed by zip or tgz, gzip.
TimekeeperCreate a Timekeeper which holds one or more stopwatches on...
Timekeeper_elapsedDetermine elapsed time for a stopwatch
Timekeeper_has_watchDetermine if a specified stopwatch exists
TimekeeperRefClass-classA class for storing one or more StopwatchRefClass objects
Timekeeper_resetReset a stopwatch
Timekeeper_startStart a stopwatch
Timekeeper_stopStop a stopwatch
un_bzip2Unpack a tarred and bzip2-ped archive.
un_gzUnpack a gzipped archive.
unpack_archiveUnpack a compressed archive: zip, gzip, and gzipped tarballs.
un_tgzUnpack a tarred and gzipped archive.
un_zipUnzip a zipped archive.
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