Man pages for Bioconductor/BiocSet
Representing Different Biological Sets

BiocSet-classBiocSet class
BiocSet-methodsBiocSet methods
coerceas("BiocSet", "list")
element_funsFunctions applied to elements in a 'BiocSet' object
elementset_funsFunctions applied to elementsets in a 'BiocSet' object
intersect_singleIntersect on a single 'BiocSet' object
mapping_elementFunctions for mapping elements in the element tibble to...
mapping_setFunctions for mapping sets in the set tibble to different id...
set_funsFunctions applied to sets in a 'BiocSet' object
tblelementElement representation as an S3 class tibble
tblelementsetElement set representation as an S3 class tibble
tblsetSet representation as an S3 class tibble
union_singleUnion on a single 'BiocSet' object
url_refFunctions to access reference urls for different identifiers
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