GeneSet-methods: Methods to construct GeneSet instances

GeneSetR Documentation

Methods to construct GeneSet instances


Use GeneSet to construct gene sets from ExpressionSet, character vector, or other objects.


GeneSet(type, ..., setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())



An argument determining how the gene set will be created, as described in the Methods section.


A ScalarCharacter or length-1 character vector uniquely identifying the set.


Additional arguments for gene set construction. Methods have required arguments, as outlined below; additional arguments correspond to slot names GeneSet.


signature(type = "missing", ..., setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Construct an empty gene set.

signature(type = "character", ..., setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Construct a gene set using identifiers type.

signature(type = "GeneIdentifierType", ..., setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Construct an empty gene set. The gene set has geneIdType created from the GeneIdentifierType of type.

signature(type = "ExpressionSet", ..., setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Construct a gene set from an ExpressionSet. geneIdType is set to AnnotationIdentifier; the annotation field and annotation package of the ExpressionSet are consulted to determine organism, if possible. Short and long descriptions from the ExpressionSet experimentData title and abstract; pub med ids, urls, and contributor are also derived from experimentData.

signature(type = "GOCollection", ..., geneIdType, setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Use genes contained in type to create a GeneSet . The required arugment geneIdType must include a package for which an appropriate map (to GO) exists, e.g., EntrezIdentifier('').

signature(type = "BroadCollection", ..., urls = character(0), setIdentifier=.uniqueIdentifier())

Read XML following the Broad Institute schema and located at urls to create a gene set. The url can be a local file or internet connection, but must contain just a single gene set. See getBroadSets for details.

See Also

GeneSet-class GeneColorSet-class


## Empty gene set

## Gene set from ExpressionSet
gs1 <- GeneSet(sample.ExpressionSet[100:109])

## GeneSet from Broad XML; 'fl' could be a url
fl <- system.file("extdata", "Broad.xml", package="GSEABase")
gs2 <- getBroadSets(fl)[[1]] # actually, a list of two gene sets

## GeneSet from list of gene identifiers
geneIds <- geneIds(gs2) # any character vector would do
gs3 <- GeneSet(geneIds)
## unspecified set type, so...
is(geneIdType(gs3), "NullIdentifier") == TRUE
## update set type to match encoding of identifiers
geneIdType(gs3) <- SymbolIdentifier()
## other ways of accomplishing the same
gs4 <- GeneSet(geneIds, geneIdType=SymbolIdentifier())
gs5 <- GeneSet(SymbolIdentifier(), geneIds=geneIds)

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