Man pages for Bioconductor/GoogleGenomics
R Client for Google Genomics API

authenticateConfigure how to authenticate for Google Genomics API.
callGRPCMethodIssues a gRPC call to the Google Genomics service and returns...
defaultGcloudCredsPathReturns the standard location for application default...
getReadsGet reads from Google Genomics.
getReadsPageGet one page of reads from Google Genomics.
getRProtoBufDefaultObjectReturns a protocol buffer Message object from 'RProtoBuf'.
getSearchPageGet one page of search results for a particular entity type...
getVariantCallsElaborate the result of getVariants as a VRanges with all...
getVariantsGet variants from Google Genomics.
getVariantsPageGet one page of variants from Google Genomics.
GoogleGenomicsA basic R package for Google Genomics API.
isGRPCAvailableReturns if this package was built with gRPC support.
readsToGAlignmentsConvert reads to GAlignments.
variantsToGRangesConvert variants to GRanges.
variantsToVRangesConvert variants to VRanges.
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