Man pages for Bioconductor/IRanges
Foundation of integer range manipulation in Bioconductor

AtomicList-classLists of Atomic Vectors in Natural and Rle Form
AtomicList-utilsCommon operations on AtomicList objects
CompressedHitsList-classCompressedHitsList objects
CompressedList-classCompressedList objects
coverage-methodsCoverage of a set of ranges
DataFrameList-classList of DataFrames
DataFrame-utilsCommon operations on DataFrame objects
extractListGroup elements of a vector-like object into a list-like...
extractListFragmentsExtract list fragments from a list-like object
findOverlaps-methodsFinding overlapping ranges
Grouping-classGrouping objects
Hits-class-leftoversExamples of basic manipulation of Hits objects
IntegerRanges-classIntegerRanges objects
IntegerRangesList-classIntegerRangesList objects
inter-range-methodsInter range transformations of an IntegerRanges, Views,...
intra-range-methodsIntra range transformations of an IRanges, IPos, Views,...
IPos-classIPos objects
IPosRanges-classIPosRanges objects
IPosRanges-comparisonComparing and ordering ranges
IRanges-classIRanges and NormalIRanges objects
IRanges-constructorThe IRanges constructor and supporting functions
IRanges-internalsIRanges internals
IRangesList-classList of IRanges and NormalIRanges
IRanges-utilsIRanges utility functions
List-class-leftoversList objects (old man page)
MaskCollection-classMaskCollection objects
multisplitSplit elements belonging to multiple groups
NCList-classNested Containment List objects
nearest-methodsFinding the nearest range/position neighbor
RangedData-classData on ranges
RangedSelection-classSelection of ranges and columns
range-squeezersSqueeze the ranges out of a range-based object
read.MaskRead a mask from a file
Rle-class-leftoversRle objects (old man page)
RleViews-classThe RleViews class
RleViewsList-classList of RleViews
seqapply2 methods that should be documented somewhere else
setops-methodsSet operations on IntegerRanges and IntegerRangesList objects
slice-methodsSlice a vector-like or list-like object
Vector-class-leftoversVector objects (old man page)
Views-classViews objects
ViewsList-classList of Views
view-summarization-methodsSummarize views on a vector-like object with numeric values
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