Man pages for CIP-RIU/eda4plant
Exploratory Data Analysis for Plant Breeding Experiments (one line, title case)

edaplant_sbase_serverServer EDA for SweetPotato Base
edaplant_sbase_uiUI for EDA for SweetPotato Base
edaplant_serverServer EDA Return the server component for exploratory...
edaplant_uiUI for EDA Returns a user interface for exploratory graphics
plot_ammiAMMI and GGE
plot_boxBoxplot and dotplot
plot_densDensity plot
plot_histHistogram for plant breeding traits
plot_pairsScatterplot for more than two traits
plot_scatScatterplot for two traits
shinyeda#' Adds the content of www to sF/ #' #' @importFrom shiny...
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