Man pages for CJBarry/DNAPL
DNAPL Source Term Framework

cGConstant and Convering power mass-flux relationship model
CHCpropsChlorinated Hydrocarbon properties
DDpg.DNmodelDual-domain Pool and Ganglia model
DNAPLmodel.checkCheck that a DNAPL model is set up correctly
DNAPLmodel-classDNAPL distribution and dissolution model
DNAPLSourceTerm-classDNAPL Source Term result
DNSTDNAPL source term model
DNST_MASTERDNAPL source term master
expand.vecExpand vectors
hL.setupMake DNAPL model layer heights appropriate to a MODFLOW data...
Mredistribution-classMass Redistribution function
pdmFlow-normal cross-sectional area PDM
pool_mpuaMass per unit area of pool
qhHorizontal Darcy Velocity national usage trend to site usage rate through time
usageUK Chlorinated solvent usage
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