Man pages for CJBarry/DRW
Dynamic Random Walk

advectMODPATHParticle Tracking Advection with MODPATH 5
coalesceDRWDynamic Coalescing
dattxtMODPATH DAT file write
disperseRWRandom Walk Dispersion
DRWDynamic Random Walk aqueous contaminant transport solution
DRWbalanceMass or Flux balance for a DRW model result
DRWmodel-classDRW model results formal class
DRW_timestepsSet up time steps for DRW model
ksConcWeighted Kernel Density Estimate of Concentration
namtxtMODPATH name file text
nc.imtxIndex matrix for NetCDF
plotDRWstatePlot DRW state on go
ptrtxtMODPATH particle starting locations
Rot2D rotation matrix
sorb.desorbSorb and Desorb
ST.DNAPLDRW source term from a DNAPL source term
wellanalyseAnalyse receptors in a DRW model output
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