Man pages for CJBarry/Rflow
Tools for analysing and writing input and output files for USGS MODFLOW

ccEasy concatenate
cc_Easy concatenate
cellref.locFind grid reference of point in grid
expand.vecEnforce recycling to a target length
expected.lines.RIARRAYNumber of lines in a MODFLOW text array
FFeFixed format scientific
FFgenGeneric fixed formats
flipFlip an array
gcsGrid line co-ordinates
get.wtop.ncPhreatic groundwater top
GW.ncMODFLOW results to NetCDF data set
interpret.RIARRAYConvert lines of text to a numeric array
is.commentCheck if line of text is a comment
MFimagePlot MODFLOW variable matrix
MFncimagePlot MODFLOW variable matrix from NetCDF
mftimeTime Step and Stress Period timings
MT3DMS.ncMT3DMS results to NetCDF
nicearnameFormat array headers from MODFLOW
numeric.extractExtract numerical values from a string
read.BASRead basic (BAS) package file
readCBB.arrRead Cell-By-Cell Budget Array
read.DISRead a discretisation (DIS) package file
read.GHBRead general head boundary (GHB) package file
readHDS.arrRead Head Save array
read.HFBRead a horizontal flow barrier (HFB) package file
read.RCHRead recharge (RCH) package file
read.RIVRead river (RIV) package file
read.STRRead stream (STR) package file
readUCN.arrRead Unformatted Concentration File
read.WELRead well (WEL) package file
RIARRAYFormatted array
RIARRAY.splitlayersFormatted array, split by layer
rmnewlineRemove a tailing line end
skiparrSkip over unneed binary arrays"which" for NetCDF arrays
write.BASWrite MODFLOW BAS package file
write.DISWrite a discretisation (DIS) package file
write.GHBWrite a general head boundary (GHB) package file
write.HFBWrite a hydraulic flow barrier (HFB) package file
write.RIVWrite a river (RIV) package file
write.STRWrite a stream (STR) package file
write.WELWrite a well (WEL) package file
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