Man pages for CamFreshwater/samSim
Closed-loop salmon dynamics simulator

agPlottingDFExample aggregate plotting data
arrayMeanTruncated normal distribution
buildDataAggBuild output dataframes for aggregate data
buildDataCUBuild output dataframes for CU data
calcErrCalculate observed error
calcObsCatchCalculate observed catch
calcRealCatchCalculate realized catches
calcSynchMetricsCalculate synchrony metrics
calcTACCalculate total allowable catch
checkIntegerCheck integer
constrainConstrain mixed-stock harvest
coordRadarGet radar coordinates
cuPlottingDFExample CU-specific plotting data
dot-onUnloadUnload DLL
exampleHCRListExample data for harvest control rule functions
extinctionCheckExtinction check
fastLmEstimate coefficients for linear model.
genCycleGenerate cycle lines
genMeanGenerational mean
genOutputListGenerate list of outputs
geoMeanCalculate geometric mean
getResidualsGather stock-recruit residuals
getSRParsSummarize stock-recruit parameters
getTauEstimate tau
infillInfill spawner/recruit abundance
larkinModelGenerate recruit abundance with Larkin model
larkinParametersPosterior estimates of Ricker stock recruit parameters
mvLogisticLogPropCalculate multivariate logistric proportions
pipePipe operator
plotAgDotAggregate dot plot
plotAgTradeoffAggregate trade off plot
plotContTradeOffsDouble y-axis Walters plot
plotCUDotCU-specific dot plot
plotCUTradeoffCU-specific trade off plot
plotDiagCUDiagnostic plot
plotRadarRadar plot
ppnAgeErrGenerate log-normal error associated with proportions data
ppnCatchErrGenerate log-normal error associated with catch data
qHighCalculate upper quantile
qLowCalculate lower quantile
quickLmLinear model
recMatrixFraser River recruitment matrix
recoverySimRecovery simulator
recPpnsProportion of recruits at age for Fraser River sockeye
rickerModelGenerate recruit abundance with Ricker model
rickerParametersPosterior estimates of Ricker stock recruit parameters
sGenOptimumOptimize sGen
sGenSolverSolve for sGen
synchListSimulated time series list
theme_sleekXMinimalist ggplot theme
wtdCVCalculate weighted component CV
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