Man pages for CharlotteJana/pdmpsim
Simulate Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

calcSeedsCalculate Seeds
densityPlot Density Estimations
expandTimesExpand simulation time
format-pdmpModel-methodFormat a PDMP for pretty printing.
histHistogram over all simulations
KendallBDKendalls birth-and-death process
loadMultSimCsvload csv files with simulation results
meanMethods for function 'mean' in Package 'pdmpsim'
mjp-accessorsAccessor functions for Class mjpModel
mjp-methodsFormat a MJP for pretty printing.
mjpModel-classClass mjpModel
mjpModel-simSimulation of a mjpModel object
momentsCalculate raw moments
multSimMultiple simulations of a pdmp model
multSim2multSimCsvConvert 'multSim' to 'multSimCsv'
multSimCsvMultiple simulations of a pdmp model
multSimDataCreate data.frame with simulations
pdmp-accessorsAccessor functions for Class pdmpModel
pdmpModel-classClass pdmpModel
pdmpsimpdmpsim: simulate PDMPs
plot-pdmpModel-missing-methodPlot a PDMP
plotSeedsPlot method for simulations
plotStatsPlot statistics of multiple simulations
plotTimesPlot at different times
print-mjpModel-methodMethods for funktion print in package 'pdmpsim'
print-pdmpModel-methodMethods for funktion print in package 'pdmpsim'
removeSeedsRemove not simulated seeds
sim-pdmpModel-methodSimulation of a pdmpModel object
simplePdmpA simple PDMP
SIRstochStochastic SIR dynamics
summarise_atSummarise multSimData
toggleSwitchThe toggle switch model
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