ca_coords: Calculate correspondence analysis row and column coordinates.

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ca_coordsR Documentation

Calculate correspondence analysis row and column coordinates.


'ca_coords' calculates the standardized and principal coordinates of the rows and columns in CA space.


ca_coords(caobj, dims = NULL, princ_coords = 3, princ_only = FALSE)



A "cacomp" object as outputted from 'cacomp()'.


Integer indicating the number of dimensions to use for the calculation of coordinates. All elements of caobj (where applicable) will be reduced to the given number of dimensions. Default NULL (keeps all dimensions).


Integer. Number indicating whether principal coordinates should be calculated for the rows (=1), columns (=2), both (=3) or none (=0). Default 3.


Logical, whether only principal coordinates should be calculated. Or, in other words, whether the standardized coordinates are already calculated and stored in 'caobj'. Default 'FALSE'.


Takes a "cacomp" object and calculates standardized and principal coordinates for the visualization of CA results in a biplot or to subsequently calculate coordinates in an Association Plot.


Returns input object with coordinates added. std_coords_rows/std_coords_cols: Standardized coordinates of rows/columns. prin_coords_rows/prin_coords_cols: Principal coordinates of rows/columns.


# Simulate scRNAseq data.
cnts <- data.frame(cell_1 = rpois(10, 5),
                   cell_2 = rpois(10, 10),
                   cell_3 = rpois(10, 20))
rownames(cnts) <- paste0("gene_", 1:10)
cnts <- as.matrix(cnts)

# Run correspondence analysis.
ca <- cacomp(obj = cnts, princ_coords = 1)
ca <- ca_coords(ca, princ_coords = 3)

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