Man pages for Climandes/ClimIndVis
Calculation, verification and visualisation of climate indices

autoplot_anomaly_mapWrapper function to calculate and visualize anomaly of...
autoplot_anomaly_tsWrapper function to calculate and plot timerseries of indices...
autoplot_climatology_mapWrapper function to calculate and visualize climatology of...
autoplot_forecast_mapWrapper function for plotting maps of seasonal forecasts
autoplot_forecast_spiWrapper function to calculate and plot timerseries of SPI...
autoplot_forecast_stationsWrapper function for visualizing forecast for each station...
autoplot_overview_stationswrapper function to show boxplots and index values of...
autoplot_trend_mapWrapper function to calculate and plot trend of indices.
autoplot_ts_stationsWrapper function to calculate and plot timerseries of indices...
autoplot_verification_mapWrapper function to calculate and visualize verification of...
calc_fc_catsGet probabilities of forecast categories
calc_indexFunction to calculate climate indices
calc_index_trendA function to calculate a logistic, linear or non-parametric...
calc_spispi calculations
calculate_index.climindvisdefault index function for climindvis objects
calculate_index.spi_forecastdefault index function for climindvis objects
example_climindvis_objectsObjects for using functions of the Climindvis package
example_dataExample data for make_object
index_argumentsget arguments index Get arguments for index to pass to...
index_arguments.cddarguments for index cdd
index_arguments.csdiarguments for index cold spell duration index
index_arguments.cwdarguments for index cwd
index_arguments.cxdarguments for index cxd
index_arguments.ddarguments for index dd
index_arguments.fdarguments for index fd
index_arguments.meanarguments for calculating mean arguments for calculating sum
index_arguments.minmax_xdaysarguments for min/max of x days
index_arguments.prcptotarguments for index prcptot
index_arguments.qtharguments for index qth
index_arguments.rainy_season_startarguments for index rainy_season_start
index_arguments.rxarguments for index rx days
index_arguments.rXptotarguments for index rXptot
index_arguments.sdiiarguments for index sdii
index_arguments.spiarguments for index spi
index_arguments.spi_forecastarguments for index spi_forecast
index_arguments.sumarguments for calculating sum
index_arguments.tharguments for index th
index_arguments.th_rangearguments for index th_range
index_arguments.th_tmaxarguments for index th_tmax
index_arguments.th_tminarguments for index th_tmin
index_arguments.th_toptarguments for index th_topt
index_arguments.tn10parguments for index tn10p
index_arguments.tn90parguments for index tn90p
index_arguments.tnnarguments for index tnn arguments for calculating sum
index_arguments.tnxarguments for index tnx
index_arguments.tx10parguments for index tx10p
index_arguments.tx90parguments for index tx90p
index_arguments.txnarguments for index txn
index_arguments.txxarguments for index txx
index_arguments.varmaxarguments for index varmax
index_arguments.varminarguments for index varmin
index_arguments.wsdiarguments for index warm spell duration index
indices_listindices and index_args for forecast and autoplot functions
make_objectFunction to generate a climindvis object
plot_docplot docu
plot_map_grid_pointsfunction to plot data points on map of gridded data
plot_spi_forecastfunction for plotting spi for station data
trend_methodsDefault trend methods
veri_docveri docu
verify_indexFunction for verification of hindcasts of indices
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