Man pages for ConnorFWhite/AssFunc
What the package does (short line)

abacusGenerate an Abacus plot
AssFunc-packageAssorted Functions ~~ AssFunc ~~
bendTo Bend lines
bubcexScaling Bubble sizes
circLocsTo Generate Locations on a Circle
countProbTransition counts into probabilities
distGeoCalculate Distance
eventIdentify events
eventFuncexecutes function over events
eventInterpInterpret during events
eventMeanexecutes function over events
focalfastCalculate focal Analysis
lat2cartgenerate cartesian coordinates
legend.bubAdd Legend
legend.BubbleGenerating legend
legend.lineAdd line width legend
locMapgeneration a location dataframme
locsloclist locations
logGenGenerate a state summarization
Northadd a north arrow
plot.tranPlot Transitions
scalScale a vector
scaleBarScale Bar
sunCalcSunrise and sunset time
totcountSummarize Transistion matrix
toUnitConvert Units
transBubPlot Transistion Matrix
transMatTransition counts
xdistSpaceCalculate spaced x points
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