Man pages for CraigMohn/bikeCadHr
Analyze Cycling Cadence Data From GPS .fit and .gpx Files

bikeCadHrbikeCadHr: A package for analyzing gps cycling cadence and...
combine_track_storescombine two (summary,track) tbl pairs
join_ridefilesjoin multiple ride segments which come from separate files
map_ridesplot ride track data on a map
options-to-extract-time-and-date-from-gps-filenamesfilename-to-date parsing options for bikeCadHr functions
plot_profileplot heartrate, cadence, speed and more using color-driven...
processSegmentsclean up and add start/stop segments to a track tibble, add...
read_rideread and clean a gps data file
read_ridefilesread multiple gps data files
repairCadenceclean up cadence data for a track
statsCadencesummarize cadence statistics for a track
statsGearinggenerate gear ratio statistics for a track
statsGradegenerate grade statistics for a track
statsHeartRategenerate heartrate statistics for a track
statsPowergenerate power statistics for a track
statsSessioncollect gps session statistics for a track
statsStopsgenerate stops statistics for a track
tracks-data-frame-contentstrackpoint data for track files read by bikeCadHr functions
update_gps_variablesadd/replace ride data in all tbl pairs
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