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The bikeCadHr package provides three categories of functions: 1) read gps .fit and .gpx files, 2) organize the gps data into dataframes for later use, and 3) draw maps and generate an infographic relating cadence, heartrate, speed and elevation


This package was motivated because my models of cycling effort and speed find cadence to be an important predictor. Garmin fit files record a measure of the cadence with each sample, and contain an overall summary in the session summary section. In addition to creating several measures of average cadence, this package creates summary variables counting and categorizing the number of stops on the ride.

The package also allows for the creation of maps of a ride or set of rides. The map area will be slightly larger than the track of the ride, unless you supply a named list of map lat/long boundaries. If a specific map is not specified from the list, it will choose the first in the list that covers the track. The map is created using the OpenStreetMap package, and there are many choices for the map format. Respect the terms of use and do not automate the generation of maps.

The package will also create a plot of the elevation profile of a ride, with speed encoded as the color of the profile line, and color bars below showing heart rate and cadence range over the ride. This may be easier to quickly interpret than the superposed wiggly lines that are usually displayed in cycling performance apps.

Currently there is no support for power meters, although the data should be read from fit files and passed upstream unchanged.

Very short .fit files (typically for rides less than 30 seconds) sometimes fail to be read in. It is possible to specify a vector of files to exclude to avoid this situation, and by default .fit filenames containing the strings "short" or "bad" are ignored, as are .gpx filenames containing those substrings. The string "nosegs" will also (by default) cause a .gpx file to be skipped.

import gps data

read_ridefiles, read_ride

organize imported gps data

update_gps_variables, join_ridefiles, combine_track_stores

map and visualization

map_rides, plot_profile

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