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ABF Tools: Toolbox for Visualising and Analysing Electrophysiology ABF2 Data

abf_plot_cdPlot abf objects in channel domain.
abf_plot_tdPlot abf objects in time domain.
apply_colFunc_unsafeAn unsafe apply() that applies a column function
ApplyCursorApply indicative cursors on plot.
apply_unsafeAn unsafe apply() a channel of an abf object to data.frame
AtchChanAttach a new channel to an abf object.
AtchWaveformAttach a waveform channel to an abf object.
AttachChannelAttach a new channel to an abf object, by-ref like behaviour.
AttachWaveformAttach a waveform channel to an abf object, by-ref like...
AverageAbfAverage a list of abf objects.
baseline_alsBaseline Correction with Asymmetric Least Squares Smoothing
BlnkAbfBlank current channel of abf objects.
ChannelMeanLongCalculate mean values of multiple abf objects and return in...
ChannelMeanWideCalculate mean values of multiple abf objects and returns in...
CmpWaveformCompare epoch waveform setting to a channel data.
colSemsCalculate column/row standard error of measurements
CropValueCrop undesired values from an abf object
CurrentMeanWideCalculate mean current/voltage of multiple abf objects and...
DefaultLabellerGet default facet labeller for an abf object.
DnAbfDenoise an abf object by applying wavelet shrink
EpisodeBaselineCalculate baseline of an episode
ExcludeSampleExclude samples conditionally
ExtractDataFrameExtract from a data.frame
FindChargeIntervalFind a charging interval of given current channel.
find_colFuncMatch function name to a corresponding column functions known...
FindMemtestEpochLook for first epoch that can perform a membrane test.
FindSamplingIntervalFindSamplingInterval finds a stable interval for sampling...
FindStepEpisodeFind a step episode.
fit_charge_capFit a charging curve and calculate Rs, Rm, Cm
fit_charge_iFit a current curve to a logistic aysmptotic model.
ForceZoomYForce zooming into Y axis.
FreqToTickCalculate time span of a frequency
GetAllChannelsReturn all channels of an abf object.
GetAllEpisodesReturn all episodes of an abf object.
GetAvailEpisodesGet available episodes
GetChannelDescGet descriptions of channels.
GetChannelNameGet names of channels.
GetChannelUnitGet units of channels.
GetEpiLabelCompose labels for every episode/channel of an abf object...
GetEpisodesPerChannelGet number of episodes/sweeps per channel.
GetEpiTagCompose default episode/channel number tag (used as column...
GetEpochIdConvert epoch name to epoch id
GetEpochIntervalsGet intervals of all epochs.
GetFirstVoltageChanGet first voltage/current channel id.
GetModeGet mode of the abf object.
GetNumOfChannelGet number of channels.
GetNumOfDACGet number of DAC.
GetNumOfEpochGet number of epochs.
GetPointsPerEpisodeGet number of recorded points per episode/sweep.
GetPointsPerEventGet number of recorded points for corresponding event.
GetSamplingIntvGet sampling interval in us.
GetStepEpochReturn all step epoch id.
GetSynchArrayReturn sync array of an abf object.
GetTitleGet title of an abf object.
GetVoltageChanGet voltage/current channel id.
GetWaveformSimulate waveform.
GetWaveformEnabledDACGet DAC id of which waveform is enabled.
IntvGenerate an interval.
IVSummaryReport I-V relationship of a list of abf objects.
LpAbfApply Butterworth low-pass filter to an abf object.
mapndMapping function to an nd-array along a specific axis.
MaskEpisodesMask episodes with a value, by-ref behaviour.
MaskIntvMask a time interval
mean.abfCalculate mean values of an abf object.
MeltAbfMelt an abf object.
MeltAbfChannelMelt channel data of abf objects.
MskEpiMask episodes with a value.
MultiPeekChannelFast plot channel/channels of multiple abf objects.
MultiPlotChannelPlot channel/channels of multiple abf objects.
MultiPlotChannel_PubPlot a channel of multiple abf objects, in a common...
PackArgsPacking arguments in function call
PeekAllChannelFastp lot all channels of an abf object.
PeekChannelFast plot a channel.
PeekChannel_CursorFast plot a channel with cursors.
PeekChannel_IntvFast plot a channel with interval.
PlotAllChannelPlot all channels of an abf object.
PlotChannelPlot a channel/channels of an abf object.
PlotChannelAbfPlot channel data of abf objects.
PlotChannel_CursorPlot a channel with cursors.
PlotChannel_IntvPlot a channel with an interval.
PlotIVSummaryPlot IV Summary generated by IVSummary().
PlotXYAbfPlot channel vs channel data of abf objects.
print.abfPrint an abf object
QuickPlotQuick plot various type of data.
QuickPlotIVQuick plot I-V curves at given position
QuickPlot_IVSummaryQuick plot an IV Summary table
QuickPlotTraceQuick plot trace vs. trace curve.
reduce_alongReduction of x along a specific dimension
RemoveEpisodesRemove episodes from an abf object, by-ref behaviour.
ReplaceChannelReplacing channel data, by-ref like behaviour.
RescaleChannelRescale channel unit.
ResEpiRestore previous removed episodes.
RestoreEpisodesRestore previous removed episodes, by-ref behaviour.
RmblAbfRemove baseline of a channel.
RmEpiRemove episodes from an abf object.
RplcChanReplacing channel data.
samplendSample an nd-array evenly by ratio.
ScaleBarsDraw scale bars
scale_unitBasic scaling of units.
sd_abfCalculate standard deviation of an abf object.
SelectSampleSelect samples conditionally
sem_abfCalculate standard error of an abf object.
SetChannelDescSet channel description, by-ref behaviour.
SetChannelNameSet channel name, by-ref behaviour.
SetChannelUnitSet channel unit, by-ref behaviour.
SetIntvSet intervals, by-ref behaviour
SetTitleSet title of an abf object, by-ref behaviour.
SmplAbfSample abf object to reduce data points.
SpIVSummaryReport I-V relationship of a list of abf objects, with...
StepMemtestAbfCalculate membrane properties from a step pulse membrane...
StepMemtestSummaryReport membrane properties by StepMemtestAbf() for a list of...
sub-sub-.abfExtract channel data from an abf object.
sub-subset-.abfReplacing channel data.
TickToTimeConvert tick (array index) to time unit.
WrapMappingFuncWrap a mapping function to batch process abf channel data.
WrapMappingFuncAlongWrap a mapping function along specific axis to batch process...
ZeroAxesDraw axes centred at zero
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